Cyber Security

Security of networks and company information is paramount for businesses to protect themselves.

Whether its a security risk, phishing emails, impersonation threats, or having a website compromised, the threats are always there on a day to day basic. A succinct approach is required to cover all facets of the business 

The solution needs to provide multiple layers of protection to detect and hopefully stop hacks, detect potential breaches, and report on any gaping holes in usernames and passwords.

The number one way for Cyber Attacks in the 21st Century is through email systems. Emails can be made to look like it’s from a legitimate source where the unsuspecting user clicks a link or installs some malware on the network. Through proper email filtering for inbound and outgoing emails the risk can be mitigated and avoid a very costly mistake.

If in the unlikely event of a breach, our recommended actions dove-tail into a sound Disaster Recovery Plan (also available for Sadoo IT to implement)

For a proven and reliable audit on your systems to a enforce a Cyber Security plan, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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